Friday, October 26, 2012

Found the cutest pattern ever!!

Hi all,
I love birds, and I love stylistic pictures. I found the cutest pattern ever on It is a bird quilt, and the kit, including fabrics, is only $45.44. It says it is for a lap quilt, but gives about 7 yards of fabric, which sounds like it could make a bigger quilt also. Or you could always put a border around the edges to make it a twin or even a double. I don't know that I would push it to Queen sized - it might be too much border, not enough quilt, although why couldn't you put some of these birds around the border, too?

Anyway, here is the link and the picture:

Enjoy your weekend!! Do something creative!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Been remiss, my world travels have kept me busy!

Visiting museums, looking at quilts around the world, studying art with renowned European masters....oh, sorry, that was my friend emilie's fantasy of why I have been lazy.

Actually, the truth is sad. I was in an online block swap, and. I sent out two blocks, very proud of my improving abilities. I got an email telling me how my blocks were terrible, and she couldn't use them, and I quit quilting for about 5 months. After a talking to from that Bossy Friend Emilie of mine, I got the urge to sew again. I have missed it. I was enjoying learning old blocks and putting a modern take on them. I like the coming together of blocks, a mini-miracle each time, that something so cool and identifiable can come from some random geometries of fabric. I love the colors and the feel of really nice fabric in my hands, soi am starting again.

Also, when I asked my mother what she wanted for Christmas, I was hoping she said, "a necklace, or piece of pottery," something I could make in a day. Nope, Mom wants a queen sized quilt in HER colors! The three quilts I have given her, she told me, we're in MYcolors!" The ingratitude!!! So through some kind of karmic twist, my mother is pushing me to get back to quilting. She saw a picture of an Ohio Star, and wanted that. So now I want to do it in modern fabrics. Ideas?? Here are some I've found: