Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Patti's Quilting and Fabrics Reopens with Patti at the Helm

After being closed for about a month, I was glad to see Patti's Quilting and Fabrics open again! I went in and I have to say - I was shocked. Where there were four rooms stuffed with fabrics, there is just the one now. Patti was there and as friendly as ever, and even though she didn't say much, I gleaned together the story of what had happened from what I knew previously and what I had figured out from knowing the people involved.

Patti and her husband had decided to semi-retire and they sold the business to a young woman she knew. With three years left on her obligation, this young woman closed the shop on a Saturday and cleaned out the fabrics - every last stitch - and then proceeded to open a new quilt shop in Clifton Park, which shall remain nameless. Ever gracious, Patti didn't speak about it - I got the low down from other women in the shop when I was there, but Patti didn't say they were wrong when I asked directly. She just said she was focusing on the positive and that within six months her inventory will be back to where it was. She also spoke of a new development, in which she will rent out her longarm by the hour to quilters who don't have one at home, yet want to do their quilts on one. This is exciting, as we don't have anyone doing this right now!!

Please support Patti as she makes her return to business. There is still quite a variety of fabrics at the shop and they are all on sale for $8 a yard, which is a huge bargain for this quality of fabric. I wish her great success and joy - and I will be there to use her longarm for sure!!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Been Away a While

Hi all,
I have been away for a while. I haven't been quilting much. My pottery business has taken off quite a bit, and that has taken a lot of my time. But my mother is calling me back to my sewing machine. She wants me to make her a table runner for Christmas, so I have to get sewing again!

I am thinking of a couple of designs. She wants red, white and blue, so I picked out the fabrics today. I may do the Ribbon Design, from fresh lemon quilts found here:

Or the shoo fly, found here:

Best Tutorials for Drawstring Bag

I want to make a drawstring bag for gifts and for some of the things I use when I have outside fire rituals. I scoured the internet for easy and clear tutorials, and I am always disheartened to see how complicated most tutorials are! It isn't easy to explain something tactile to people with just pictures and even videos. But I found two great tutorials, and recommend both!

The first tutorial can be found here at the Pink Penguin:

The second tutorial is by The Creative Place and can be found here: